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Welcome To MaAaD Harvest!

Based in sunny South FL, MaAaD Harvest is a brand focused on infusing the world with a healthy attitude! The creators noticed a need to create easy, informative ways to understand the value of consuming more fruits and veggies. Lead by a rag tag team of passionate produce characters hard-set on making fresh organic food consumption your first choice. Health conscious flavor fuels our juices, snacks & plant based meals. A healthy attitude is the mantra for our merchandise messaging. Our first offering is a delicious cold pressed juice line made from organic produce that is pressed to order. Our goal is to decrease the time products spend on shelves while increasing the times they are consumed to revitalize your body.


No Preservatives


No Sweeteners


7 Ingredients or less!



Our team creates nutrition packed flavors that taste great and make you feel amazing!

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